Prophetic Revelation To Our Church

by Pastor Jacquie Kirkwood
     From the time he was a young man, our pastor, Pastor Joe Kirkwood, had prophetic words spoken over him that in his service to God, he would raise up and oversee a “Joseph’s Storehouse” ministry. Much of that word has come to pass, as the Lord has given Cornerstone Outreach Center to the people of the panhandle of Texas for weekly food distribution to the needy. Our overseas work in Africa and the Philippines helps to build and undergird churches to minister to the poor that are there.
     And, now the Lord expands our insight into this prophetic word, to point us toward the future. I heard Him say to me in prayer, CWC will become an “Ark of Safety” in the coming storm. Most all would agree that the turbulent times in which we live are a reflection of the turbulence in the spirit realm, as the kingdom of darkness prepares for its final showdown with the Kingdom of Heaven. We are truly living in the last days. Darkness is becoming ever darker and evil seems to gain new ground every day. Christians are facing ever more persecution and threats to the free exercise of our faith. Men’s hearts seem to grow ever colder to the things of God, as world events seem at a breaking point.
    As mankind pushes against the boundaries of what is righteous and good, so they push a righteous and just God to act on behalf of what is good. This, we also see in the story of Noah and the flood. In Noah’s time the Bible says, “Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Jesus said that in the last days, before the coming of the Son of Man, it would be as in the days of Noah. Noah preserved what was good in God’s creation because he obeyed God, built an ark and put them into the ark, as the rains of God’s judgment and power began to fall upon the unjust. Noah was the steward of God’s creation and His people, as they rode the waves of God’s presence in the righteous flood of His power and furious glory. When righteousness and justice prevail, God is glorified!
     The message then is as evil mounts up into the earth, the righteous rains of God’s glory are coming! Satan prepares his storm, but it is surely no match for the fury of the storm of God’s glory which is coming. The turbulence will indeed create perilous times in the earth, but God always has an ark prepared to protect, preserve and deliver his people from the outpouring of His wrath, and take them through the storm.
The Ark of today is Jesus!  And, the body of Jesus in the earth is His church. So, God must raise up Noah’s and Josephs in this hour to steward God’s protection and provision for the people of God to find safety in the storm.
     When God raised up Joseph to be in a place of influence and power in Egypt, it brought forth more than just physical food alone. Joseph, like Noah, was a steward for the preservation of God’s people. To fulfil that destiny, God gave him great wisdom and put His word in his mouth. A “Joseph’s Storehouse’ is way more than just food. It is a storehouse of the word of God and His wisdom, which shelters the people of God during the devastation of drought. There is a drought in the land for the wisdom and the word of God. Even many churches have gone astray in the ways of God because of the pressure from evil, and so contribute to the drought of the lack of godly influence in our culture.
    Jesus and the true church are still the storehouse of God’s word and wisdom. Jesus and the church are still the Ark of God in the storm. God has called and destined Cornerstone Worship Center and our pastor to be a storehouse of God’s word and wisdom in the drought, a place of safety as the storm of God’s glory comes to rain down His justice on the unrighteous. So, have ears to hear and eyes to see what the Spirit of God is saying. For, out of His love, He makes provision. In Him is complete safety. But, you must choose to get into the Ark.
    We are continually praying for God’s help and grace to be faithful to our assignment; to fulfill the prophetic word(s) spoken over us. Let CWC indeed, be a “Joseph’s Storehouse”. May the word of God come to pass in us!