Pastor Joe ~ February 2012 Prophetic Word

Prophecy/Exhortation given by Pastors Joe & Jacquie Kirkwood

Cornerstone Worship Center – Amarillo, TX
Sunday Morning, 02.12.2012

1st: Pastor Joe:

There is something that I want to share with you that is very important. I really questioned whether I was at liberty from the Holy Spirit to share it. Since yesterday, I felt and know… I have some concern that I won’t be able to relate to you what I saw in the Spirit, and relate to you what I’m feeling. Sometimes when the Lord shows you something, it’s difficult to explain it in human words, and so, I ask that the Holy Spirit to help you to see – to know. Some of you probably were thinking just now, “What is wrong with Pastor”?  Well, my flesh is pretty well undone. In scripture, when the prophet had an encounter with God, and there was an angel came and took coal from off the altar and touched his lips, he said “Woe is me, I am undone.”

That is pretty much how I have felt this morning. I don’t know why us, I don’t know why this church, I don’t know why me? Because I could think of a lot of other people that I would think would… that God would want to do some of this stuff, more than us, and I don’t know how it all is going to fit; how it is all going to work. But since yesterday, for lack of a better term, I sense a disturbance in the force… a disturbance in the Spriit. Some of you saw Star Wars… that’s why I said you know something is not right, something is about to happen. Something… God, what is it?? What is it that You’re trying to show me? Every distraction imaginable has been happening to keep me from seeing what I needed to see.

Brother Tim, the Word you gave me; the scripture where Elijah was running from Jezebel and there was an earthquake and there was wind, and there was a storm. But, all those were distractions as compared to, and He used the word “distraction”, as compared to the “still small voice”.

This morning when I got here, Sister Edna came to me and said, “Pastor, I’ve been praying for you. Something’s up!” I said, “Yeah!” I mean it was such a thing the last couple of days, that I thought, “Good grief! Am I having a depression? What is happening?”  But, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t anything. And, all through the night, I was disturbed and I would have shared it with Jacquie, but I didn’t know how. How do you explain? How do you explain what you’re feeling in your spirit?

 And, all through the night, I was saying in my spirit, I could see something was coming, in my dreams and I kept saying I resist it, I resist it. I resist it! I was so disturbed. It was like I was fighting a force. And then this morning, as we entered into worship; the worship was glorious, and I just kept moving deeper and deeper. I was being taken higher and higher. But, I got up to a point, that there was a veil.  It was opaque. It was like looking through an opaque shower curtain or something, and I could see there were things on the other side. But, I could’nt get through. And, I felt I was supposed to see whatever it was over there.  But, I couldn’t get through, and I said “Lord, what do I do, what do I do”?  I mean, yeah, we’re having Sunday service here. I’m supposed to be asking the Lord, “Lord! What are You trying to do here? What are You trying to do? But, I was caught up in this realm, and I felt that it was critical that I SEE whatever it was beyond the curtain!  And He said ” keep playing upon your trumpet. Play upon your trumpet.”  So, I began to play my trumpet, until I felt taken over. And the worship, just kept getting higher and higher and then, all of a sudden, I just stepped through the veil. Just penetrated. Just went right through.

When I got on the other side, I beheld a glorious place. I was… let me say, it was as if I was in outer space. But, I saw as I’m standing there… I could see stars… planets. I could see the earth over there, and it was turning. But, over here, I could see a firmament. I could see brilliant light coming from what looked like an enormous city.  And, it had a wall around the city; lights eminating; yet it was transparent buildings and forms of cities. It was massive.  And, I did not know what I was seeing. I just felt weak. I felt undone and I just began to weep, and I heard the voice of the Lord say, “I’ve got you weeping between the porch and the altar.” And as I worshiped, I saw an image of an Arm, and the sleeve was being pulled up and rolled up, and I knew it was the Arm of God… the Hand of God.

And I’m standing in this atmosphere, looking at the earth, and I heard the Lord say, “My Spirit says ENOUGH! ENOUGH!”  And, the heavens reverberated that word! “ENOUGH!”  I saw these massive gates open.  And, out of the city, this Arm extended; right out of the walls of the city. And it went across the great expanse. There was the earth spinning.  And, the Arm reached down and stopped the speed at which the earth was spinning and turned the earth. And I saw a golden button, if you will. It was very large, but it was pinpointed. I could see the continents and the button was over the United States. And I saw the Finger of God, when the earth had been stopped… I saw the Finger of God reach and touch that button. Immediately I was caught up into the firmament, over the United States and I was looking at the coastline of the United States.

I saw fighter jets leaving the coastline of the U.S. And there were many of them… many of them! They were flying to the Middle East. Then they touched down. I didn’t recognize where, but they landed in the Middle East. And the Lord said, “I’m preparing them.”  Then, I saw them taking off and this time they were loaded with bombs and weaponry, and they were taking off again. I suspect, (He didn’t say this to me), but I suspect it is Iran.  I said, “Oh God!  What do we do?” And, I was so burdened for America. I was so burdened for our world. I said, “God, What do we do?  What is our part?” And I heard Him say, “The leaders of America will be in a state of confusion!” And I wept and I cried for America.

Surely, our leaders would know…  And I said, “What do we do?  What do we do?” The Lord said, “Intensify worship. It will be a bubble of protection over you, over the church and over My people”. And He said He was going to speak this in other places. And worship was going to intensify, and that there would be a protection there, in worship. I never got the sense that we needed to fear evil, but I did get the sense that those that don’t know God are going to be in a state of quandry and confusion. And, I believe that this very well could be the churches’ finest hour.

And the Lord said to me, “Joe, you’re operating at half the capacity of the annointing that I have for you.” I feel very undone by that.
I said, “Lord, I don’t know what to do?”

“That’s okay.” “I have called you for such a time as this!”, He said. “You are going to be the voice of stabillity and the miracles are going to increase. And, I’m going to draw people, and this church is going to be a place of stability, because I have put My Name here and My Presence here”. And, I looked and I said, “We’re a small group in comparison to the magnitude of these things”.
And He said, “Joe, don’t worry. It will be My doing!”

I don’t know when this is going to occur, but I want to say to you that we, as Christians …  we need to be on our face and we need to be praying. I got the sense that while our nations’ leaders were in confusion, that there were some that God was going to raise up as a voice in this season of instability, that would speak the will and purposes of God.  And, that God was going to bring America through.

And then, I saw the Statue of Liberty and its torch.  You know, it is just a light bulb in there, but this torch caugt on fire. And He said, “I’m going to cause the flame of America to be lit again, that all nations will know and see My Glory and My Presence. I’m going to bring a fire back to the Household of Faith in America.”

We need to pray that we are in the center of God’s will, for there’s going to be many things happening simultaneously. And, we can’t get fixated on any one thing. The only thing that we can be fixated on is on Christ and upon Jesus, and worshiping Him. But, God is going to use America in a mighty way.  Yet, in the beginning, it is going to look like a very frightening thing to the world. And, it will look like America is going to not know what she’s doing. But, God is going to raise up men and women who hear His voice, and they will speak in the right season, in the right hour. They will proclaim the will and the pupose of God.  And, because of those who have been in power and rulership, once strong before, are now in a state of confusion … their attitude is, “We don’t know what to do. You just do that … just do that!”  And, they are going to be accepting of that purpose… the will and purpose of God.  And that is when I see the Statue of Liberty’s torch catch on fire and begin to burn again, because the enemy has tried to extinguish our effect on the world, and has tried to extinguish America’s role in these last days.

I get a sense that our services here are going to be very different. All I can say is God help me to know how to pastor in such a season. We’re getting ready to do stuff; to see things, to experince things. We haven’t been this way before. And, while that’s exciting on one hand, I know the importance of this season and that we hear God clearly. And It’s very, VERY important that we walk in unity, and that we are cautious about what comes out of our mouth concerning our brothers and sisters in Christ; that what comes out of our mouth is uplifting, exhorting… and that there is no division or place for the enemy to put his finger in or to get a place in. Because of what I see that is going to happen, the enemy is going to want to try everything… to want to stop it. He cannot stop the events, but he can orchestrate it that