Our Pastors:

Our leadership team recognizes the authority of God, and realizes that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Our commitment, on behalf of God’s people, is to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of His Word. Our passion and goal is to equip believers for the work of the ministry until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.

Joe Kirkwood, Senior Pastor

Pastor Joe Kirkwood, our founding pastor, has a passion for inspiring believers to walk with God in victory and power. Having served in ministry for forty years, Pastor Joe has a God-given mandate upon his life in the ministry of healing and has seen amazing miracles at the hands of the Lord, including the dead raised.  But, not only that, he is called to train the disciples of Jesus to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in also healing the sick. He is passionate about missions and evangelism; especially our missionary work in Africa, the Philippines and Nepal. Additionally, he ministers weekly in our outreach to the needy through Cornerstone Outreach Center of Amarillo. He provides both inspiring and wise oversight to the people of God.

Jacquie Kirkwood, Co-Pastor

Pastor Jacquie Kirkwood stands with Pastor Joe, sharing in the ministry of the word and prophetic  oversight of the life of the church. She has greatly invested in the the Administrative structure of the church, raising up leaders and helping to integrate Technology into every area of the ministry. She especially labored with the Worship, Children’s and Women’s Ministries, raising up awesome apprentices and appointing them into their God-given purpose in the life of our community of brethren.  Recently the Lord released Jacquie to travel out, investing all He has poured into her through the years into other households of faith. More information about booking Pastor Jacquie can be found at Praise On Fire Missions. Pastor “J” is an Author, Song Writer, Psalmist, Preacher and Worship Leader, with over thirty-five years of ministry service to the body of Christ. Her passion is to invite believers to experience the transforming manifest presence of God through heartfelt worship of Him. She is very excited about her mandate from the Lord to equip believers for the end-time Believer’s Revival and the raising up of the glorious church.
emily-barber_smPastor Emily Barber
God sent us a true treasure in Pastor Emily Barber, and what a wonderful woman of God she is. She serves as your point of contact for Pastoral Care at CWC, and brings specialized training in pastoral counseling and inner healing to our community of brethren. She is available to church members by appointment. She would love to pray for your loved ones who are hospitalized and also schedules our Baptisms for new converts.  Call the church office for information. Pastor Emily teaches a weekly Day Time Bible Study at the church and contributes so much to the discipleship of believers. She is also a skilled and anointed singer and musician, and serves as a worship leader at CWC. What a blessing! You will want to be sure to get to know her.
Pastor Vonna Ossenbeck
Pastor Vonna is such a vital and valued member of our pastoral team. She oversees our jail outreach to women inmates in Amarillo. This ministry has been her heartbeat for decades and is constantly bearing fruit in changed lives. She is also the first pastor that our new clients from Cornerstone Outreach Center meet when they visit our campus for assistance on Fridays. Many have had their first introduction to Jesus Christ in her office and first felt His love and concern for their needs, as she has extended her faith for them in prayer. She has long served in the ministry of prayer and heads up our Intercessory Prayer Ministry, as well. She is a mother in our household of faith and as such, is greatly honored.
Pastors Jesse & Mayra Vidaurre
The hearts of Pastors Jesse & Mayra knitted to our church, our vision and our team from the moment we met. Reaching out is the core and heart of Cornerstone Ministries and as Pastors Jesse & Mayra shared their heart for the Hispanic community in our city, Cornerstone Espanol was born. The weekly Spanish speaking service is held in the chapel of Cornerstone Worship Center Sundays and Wednesdays and is growing consistently in the care of these gifted pastors. Soon they will expand to the Annex buildings on our campus to give them even more room to grow. Their worship, prayer and preaching is with passion and purpose. If you are in need of a Spanish speaking service, this is the place for you!