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Our 2015-2016 Mission Trips Report !
Four New Churches Birthed and Planted!
IMG_0850How can we even begin to express all that our Lord Jesus did while we were in Ghana in November, 2015! We held crusades in 4 idol worshipping villages, where we saw over 1200 lost souls come  to Christ. And, as a result, were able to plant 4 new churches! These villages were further into the rural bush areas that are very primative and full of idol worship. We held medical outreaches, as well, and Pastor Jacquie conducted a Women’s Conference in the main church in the village of Agbosome.
Idol in Ghana, Africa

A JuJu Idol in Ghana, West Africa

    In 2016 we returned to the Volta Region of Ghana and held crusades in 3 villages, birthing 3 more churches. We met with a bit more spiritual resistance this trip, but prevailed in victory, by the grace of our Lord Jesus. We were blessed this trip with two great guys who accompanied us; Scott Stovall and our own grandson, Noah Lancaster. These young men stood firm in faith, supporting the ministry with their intercession, and ministered in healing services and medical outreaches. We also visited once again, previously birthed churches to encourage and undergird them.

A typical village back in the bush.

Treating the children at one of 7 days of Medical Outreaches.

Godfred Family
We work in Ghana with an amazing Ghanian pastor whom we have known for
over 20 years. Pastor Godfred Gbodzi is pictured here with his beautiful family. He is a powerful and faithful apostle of the Lord. Just a few weeks before our coming, he took 8 of his churches, which he had raised up, and turned them to two new pastors he has been training. These young men were converts from our crusades of 2008. What joy to see the work growing and prospering! This freed Pastor Godfred to turn his attention to preaching in and raising up elders and leaders in the 4 new churches birthed during this trip.

* Our newly birthed church in Adrume *

  The first crusade was in the village of Adrume. We were so excited to go and share the gospel there, for we were told we were the first white people to ever be invited to that village! We had a glorious service! Hundreds were saved and afterward, were introduced the new converts to their new pastor and elders, who
would oversee the new church plant!  This was a Saturday evening crusade. So, the next morning Pastor Jacquie had the joy and blessing of ministering the word of God to this new congregation on the very first Sunday they ever met as a church! Hallelujah!! Pastor Joe ministered in the main church in Agbosome that morning, and then it was on to the next crusade.
Listening to Pastor Joe
proclaim the Good News!
In The Shadows 2015
Even standing back among the Palm Trees they could hear and feel the move of the Holy Spirit.

The Work Continues…

Now we begin the work of raising the funds to build the next church structure for a congregation in Ghana that has proven themselves faithful to the Kingdom. In the beginning, they simply meet on Sundays under the shade of a Mango tree, as they did in Adrume.  As they are discipled and work to be witnesses to their village, the time comes for them to have a more permanent structure, such as what we built in Adidonte in 2014.
      Perhaps the Lord would speak to you to contribute to the funds for the establishment of these new churches and for the other mission outreaches that will be held. You could make that contribution to the right, above, in whatever amount you are led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for helping us go to the nations! They will be so greatly benefited because we went and because you gave!
Worship In The Dirt-2015

Dancing before the Lord,

Church built in 2014 in Adidonte

Church built in 2014 in Adidonte